City Manager


The City Manager serves as the City’s chief executive officer and is responsible for planning, organizing and directing all municipal activities. The City Manager, in concert with department managers, works to develop all personnel, continually evaluates the organizational structure of the City, implements programs to improve the community, and directs employee relations and personnel management. 

The City Manager works directly for the City Council and is responsible for carrying out the policies and goals formulated by the legislative body. Recommendations are presented and are implemented once adopted by the City Council. The goal of this office is to manage the affairs of the City to maximize efficiency, economy, and public confidence in local government.

The City Manager’s Office provides oversight and direction to ensure all departments are responding to City Council goals, identifying key issues requiring Council direction, preparing and presenting an annual budget, coordinating the preparation of City Council agendas, and planning the services, programs and projects. 

The City Manager is committed to continuous improvement through collaboration, coordination, and cooperation for the benefit of the City of Farmersville.

A Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The CIP was developed in 2019 by the City Manager to identify future equipment and projects that are necessary to address years of deferred maintenance as well as future needs covering a five year period. Adopting a CIP allows staff to develop work plans, staffing, and budgets and give a dedicated focus to making improvements. This plan will be updated every year to allow for additions or modifications and keep a five year outlook. 

Strategic Plan

The City Manager implemented a two year Strategic Plan that was adopted by the City Council with the purpose of identifying the Council’s goals and priorities. Months of preparation by staff and subsequent workshops with the Council culminated in a formal document that now acts as a guideline to achieving these objectives. 

Farmersville's Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Farmersville is to work in partnership with the community to promote a living and working environment that allows for the best quality of life by serving the residents with responsive, consistent, progressive, and professional leadership.