Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement Division of the Fire Department is available to assist residents and business owners with questions or concerns regarding all aspects of the Farmersville Municipal Code. 

Residents and business owners are encouraged to contact the Code Enforcement Officer with questions or concerns regarding: 

  • Maintenance of property
  • Public nuisances
  • Sub-standard housing

Building Permits

The process to obtain building permits will 1st require an application and site plan to be submitted to the City of Farmersville for review. Once the review of the application and site plan is approved by the City of Farmersville, the site plan and building / construction plans can be submitted to the Building Official at the Tulare County Resource Management Agency for review and approval.

All building and construction permits are issued by the City of Farmersville and the inspection of the project is completed by Tulare County Building Inspectors.

Building and construction projects, at times, do require a conditional use permit and / or a variance permit before a project may continue. City staff will be able to help residents with obtaining the proper application forms to ensure that your project meets all the requirements as outlined in the Farmersville Municipal Code.