City Overview

Welcome to the City Farmersville's dedicated page to Economic Development.  We are glad you are here and we are ready to help.  We think that choosing Farmersville for your business location will be an investment that will pay well and we are honored by your consideration of our City.  Farmersville is in a growth mindset and yet remains a tight-knit family-centered community.  The City is a balance between honoring the past and promoting the future.  In fact, our City Moto is "Strong Roots...Growing Possibilities" and we firmly believe in this ideal.

To get started please see the welcome message from the City Manager below and some information about our community.  We think that you will find Farmersville to be a good fit for your business to succeed.  This page is full of information designed to help you understand what resources are available to you and what your next steps are to getting your business up and running in Farmersville.  

Be sure to also check out our Available Now section to see what new properties are available.

Thanks for visiting and please contact us if you have any questions!