Paul Boyer

Paul moved to Farmersville with his family in 1979.  He and his wife Noemi raised their three children Orlando, Faye, and Valerie in Farmersville. Noemi has been a kindergarten teacher at Hester School for 20 years.  Most of their 12 grandchildren and all of their 5 great grandchildren live in Farmersville.  

Paul grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in East Palo Alto graduating from Ravenswood High School in 1969.  He received a BA in Earth Sciences and Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz.  In 1977 Paul moved to the San Joaquin Valley and began working for Self-Help Enterprises where he continues to work as Community Development Program Director.  Through Self-Help Enterprises he has assisted scores of disadvantaged rural San Joaquin Valley communities in developing funding for water and sewer projects.  This work has included assistance to community groups and Boards in forming Districts, assessing water quality problems, assessing water system needs, and applying for and administering government loans/grants for project financing.  Project work has included assistance in the preparation of water quality investigations, environmental documents, feasibility studies, and revenue programs. 

Service outside of employment has previously included serving on the Farmersville City Council, the Tulare County Association of Governments, the Tulare County Consolidated Waste Management Authority and the San Joaquin Valley Regional Policy Council and the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley.  Paul is currently Mayor ProTem for the Tulare County City of Farmersville.

Paul and his wife Noemi, who is a kindergarten teacher in Farmersville, have 3 children, 12 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.