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Employment Application

  1. Instructions:

    Completely fill out application and sign it, print in ink or type. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the application is on file in Human Resources on the final filing date. Late applications will be rejected.

  2. Complete this section only if the position for which you are applying requires the possession of a valid California Driver's license.

  3. Education

  4. Did you graduate from High School, pass the State High School Equivalency Exam, or do you possess a G.E.D. certificate?

  5. Additional Information

  6. Have you ever been convicted of any violations of the law? (Excludes traffic violations)

  7. Has your Driver's License ever been suspended or revoked?

  8. Are you related to any City of Farmersville employee?

  9. Are you now or have you ever been employed by the City of Farmersville?

  10. Can you, after employment, submit verification of your right to work in the United States?

  11. Employee History

    List most recent experience 1st; carefully account for all employment and / or job related volunteer experience. List each job title even if employed by the same employer. Use additional sheets if necessary using the same format below.

    A resume may be attached, but will not be substituted for the information required in this section. Your application will be rejected if you write “See Resume”.

  12. I hereby certify that all answers and statements in this document are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I authorize investigation of all statements contained on this application. I understand that, any misrepresentation or omission of facts called for is cause for rejection of my application, removal of my name on an eligibility list, and/or disciplinary action including termination.

  13. Important Notice Regarding Employment

    Employment with the City of Farmersville does not occur until the Department Director and the City Manager sign and file a formal document appointing the applicant to a job position following successful completion of all pre-employment procedures. Until formal appointment is made in this manner, any offers of City employment are conditional and preliminary and may be withdrawn.

  14. Supplemental Questionnaire

  15. The information requested below will be used for statistical purposes only. It will enable the human resources division to evaluate city selection processes for compliance with federal and state equal employment opportunity laws. This information is requested on a voluntary basis and will not be retained as part of your application. If you have any questions regarding this request please contact the human resources division. Your application will be processed whether or not you complete these questions. Thank you for your assistance.

  16. Please Check 1 of the Following:

  17. Please Select Your Ethnic Category

  18. Please indicate where you learned of this job vacancy:

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