Water Conservation

California has been called the "Bread Basket of the World" due to our vibrant and diverse agricultural base.  However, along with our agricultural base, California's population has significantly increased over the past 40 years.  Both have naturally resulted in a higher demand for water.  
 Unfortunately, the vast majority of California is also experiencing one of the severest droughts in history and the increasing demand for water has slowly and steadily caused groundwater levels throughout the San Joaquin Valley to decline.
 Save our Water
 Whether you live in an urban or rural area in the San Joaquin Valley, fresh water is one of our most essential and finite resources.  All life depends upon it and once it is gone, everything dramatically changes.  Likewise, without water, our way of life in Farmersville will forever change.  
 Those in the Cameron Creek Colony whose water wells have gone dry can attest to the anxiety of suddenly not having water and the stress of not knowing what to do or where to turn.  
 It is our hope that we will avoid what is happening to some of our local communities and we will survive this drought.  But to do so, we will need your help.  It is imperative that all Farmersville water customers conserve water as much as possible.

Therefore, in response to the ongoing drought, the Farmersville City Council has approved a five stage progressively restrictive water conservation ordinance that is applicable to all customers who receive water from the City of Farmersville.  
 Click on the "Current Water Conservation Stage" icon to the right for a summary.

You can also view the complete Ordinance.