Information for those involved in a Traffic Accident

Involved in a Traffic Collision? Here's what to do:

First, stop and assess the situation.

  • Are there any injuries? Investigate the extent of the injuries and or damage and call the Farmersville Police Department.
  • In California, failure to stop at the scene of a collision in which you are involved could result in serious criminal hit-and-run charges.
  • If no individuals are injured, safely move all vehicles, if possible, out of the roadway.
  • You must stop to assess the situation even when the accident involves merely damaging property or running into a parked car.
  • If you hit a parked car or damage someone's property, but are unable to locate the owner, leave a note with your name and address, as well as the name and address of the owner of the automobile you are driving, secured to the vehicle or property damaged. Contact the Farmersville Police Department if you require assistance with this.
  • When animals are involved don't take your responsibility any more lightly. Again, pull over. Try to find the owner. If the owner cannot be found call the Farmersville Police Department for assistance.


At the scene of a collision, you are required by state law to show driver license, registration card and evidence of financial responsibility (insurance), and current address to other involved parties as well as any peace officers present. If you cannot show proof of financial responsibility, namely from an insurance company with a current policy number, you face a potential citation and fine.


If any witnesses are at the scene, it is beneficial to the collision investigator to have them remain on scene so a statement can be obtained for the report.

Traffic Report Requests

Per California Vehicle Code Section 20012, traffic collision reports may only be released to the following parties: A party involved in the incident (driver, passenger, non-motorist, witness or owner of damaged property including a damaged vehicle)

  • The legal guardian or conservator of a party involved in the incident, or a parent if the party is a minor
  • Legal representation for a party involved in the incident
  • The insurance provider for a party involved in the incident
  • The police department that investigated this incident or their technical staff

Farmersville Police Department Traffic Collision Report Fee: $25