Camino Castaneda Project


The City of Farmersville has received an application for a development project and has prepared an environmental study for the project, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). 

The project is located on a parcel containing 7.3 acres situated northeast of the corner of Walnut Avenue and Farmersville Boulevard.  The project includes the following components:

  • A shopping center that includes a 23,000 square-foot commercial space for a grocery store or medical clinic
  • Gas station with 12 fueling positions
  • a 3,000- square-foot convenience store with a drive through
  • a 2,400-square-foot fast-food restaurant with a drive through
  • 2,700 square feet of shops buildings
  • A separate area proposed for 48 multi-family residential units. 

Specific planning actions and permits associated with the project include:

  • A General Plan Amendment to redesignate to residential portion of the site from “General Commercial” to “Medium Density Residential”;
  • A change of zone to rezone the residential portion of the site from "CG” (General Commercial) to RM-4.0 (Multi-Family Residential);
  • A Conditional Use Permit/Site Plan review for the site design;  the Conditional Use Permit would authorize the sale of alcoholic beverages from the proposed convenience store/gas station;
  • Environmental review for the project 

A copy of the study may also be viewed in person at Farmersville City Hall, 909 W. Visalia Road, Farmersville, CA 93223 

Comments on the study may be submitted to the City of Farmersville by emailing Karl Schoettler, City Planner at or by mail to Farmersville City Hall, 909 W. Visalia Road, Farmersville, CA 93223.  All comments must be submitted by October 24, 2022.

Initial Study

 Air Quality 

 Cultural Study 

Traffic Study