What's New in Farmersville

Thanks for visiting the What's New in Farmersville page.  We would like you to see everything that is happening in Farmersville so the provided links below will help you to get oriented:

New Business Spot Light

     The New Business Spot Light is our way to recognizing some of the newest businesses to join our community.

Cannabis Business Center

     The Cannabis Business Center link above will demonstrate everything happening related to Cannabis Row and the cannabis industry in Farmersville.

Current Projects

     Current Projects is a summary of the current investments that the City is in the process of making.

Recently Completed Projects

     Recently Completed Projects is where you can view and get more information about the continuous investments that the City has recently completed in Transportation,  Infrastructure, Quality of Life, and Community Development categories.

Existing Businesses

     If you set up shop in Farmersville you'll be in good company.  Look at who's already made a decision to invest in Farmersville by clicking on Existing Businesses.

Next Steps:

  • Ready to move ahead?  Click here to visit the Business Roadmap – the one stop to get you from square one to an open business in Farmersville.
  • Curious where you can get your hands on available property?  Click here to visit Available Now.
  • Still have more questions?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions.