Volunteer Fire Company

The Farmersville Volunteer Fire Dept. was organized on January 1, 1951. At that time fire protection for the unincorporated town was provided by the County of Tulare through a contract with the California Division of Forestry. The original fire station was constructed in 1948. A Certificate of organization was filed with the County Recorder on August 25, 1955 registering the company as the “Farmersville Volunteer Firemen”.

The “Farmersville Volunteer Fire Co.” was incorporated as a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization on February 3, 1959, one year before Farmersville incorporated as a general law city. The contract with County Fire ended in 1986. 

Since then fulltime personnel have been city employees. Through the years the Volunteer Fire Company has been an integral component of the fire protection system and functions as the social and community service organization of the department.

Through its elected officers and members, the company raises funds for uniforms and equipment, supports the fire explorer program and participates in many community events.