The Farmersville Police Department Investigations Bureau has the responsibility of investigating felony and misdemeanor crimes occurring within its jurisdiction. In addition, personnel assigned to the Investigations Bureau work closely with allied agencies to identify criminal suspects and crime trends.

Investigations Responsibilities

  • Burglary
  • Grand larceny
  • Stolen property
  • Vehicle theft
  • Fraud/forgeries
  • Identity theft
  • Crime scene processing
  • Investigating assaults, robberies, homicides, sex crimes, juvenile/crimes against children,
  • Weapons violations
  • Other types of crimes as deemed appropriate.

The Investigations Bureau is also responsible for the investigation of gang crimes which occur within its jurisdiction, with support of the Inter-Agency Gang Enforcement Team (IGET). The goal of IGET is to prevent youth crime, violence, and gang involvement while developing a positive relationship between law enforcement officials, school officials, families, and young people to create safer communities.

Often these investigations take many hours of field and office work before an arrest can be made and cases can be forwarded to the Tulare County District Attorney's Office for review and prosecution.