The following are some of our Stormwater Management Program goals:

  • Protect the health and safety of the public;
  • Protect property;
  • Protect the environment;
  • To meet or exceed Federal and State mandates.

What Is Stormwater?

Stormwater is the runoff from rainstorms or water waste that collects in parking lots, gutters, roads and rooftops where it then flows to our storm drains and ends up in our catch basins, canals, creeks, streams, rivers, lakes and OUR GROUNDWATER.

What Is Stormwater Pollution?

Stormwater pollution is any untreated substances like heavy metals, oils, grease, soaps, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other pollutants which have accumulated in stormwater.

What Can I Do?

You can help protect local canals, creeks, streams, rivers, lakes and other water resources by following the simple practices listed below:

  • Never dump anything down a storm drain or drainage ditch;
  • Recycle motor oil and other vehicle fluids;
  • Check your vehicles for leaks (repair them!);
  • Throw litter in trash cans;
  • Clean the gutter in front of your property;
  • Use fertilizer and pesticide only when needed. (Read the label!);
  • If you wash your vehicle at home, do so on the lawn rather than on pavement;
  • Tell a friend or neighbor about how to prevent stormwater pollution and get involved in your community;

You dump it, you drink it.

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