Downtown Specific Plan

The Downtown Farmersville Specific Plan is a planning effort aimed at energizing and revitalizing the downtown area of Farmersville to help it become an exciting and thriving pedestrian-oriented shopping, dining, office, residential and entertainment heart of the community.

The Farmersville Planning Commission and our City Planner are working to establish goals and action plans for this area. Once established the policies in the Specific Plan will guide improvements and developments in the downtown related to:

  • Streets
  • Sidewalks
  • Lighting
  • Shade trees and landscaping
  • Streetscape improvements, like benches, trash cans and bollards
  • Zoning to allow new uses such as mixed use and multi-family residential
  • More parking
  • Design guidelines for new development
  • A public plaza where events can be held (like a farmer's market, etc.) 

The City is seeking input from residents on what they would like to see for the downtown.

Additional Resources 

An online survey is available
Survey (PDF)
Check the Planning Commission agenda center for upcoming workshops.
Agenda (PDF)

Downtown Farmersville Specific Plan Documents

Draft Specific Plan Chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF)
Chapter 2:Existing Conditions (PDF)

Maps, including:

Specific Plan Newsletters:

April Newsletter (PDF)

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  1. Karl Schoettler

    Planning Consultant